NYC Winter 2010 Restaurant Week: The Bar Room at The Modern

We tested out New York City’s Winter 2010 Restaurant Week at The Bar Room at The Modern and weren’t disappointed. As advertised (or relayed in revered reports) every aspect of a Danny Meyers experience is good one.

From the moment we enter and are greeted by friendly-but-not-overbearing hosts whisking away coats, leading us to our table, we agree venturing out during RW is worth it. And we haven’t even tasted the food.

Moments later, we’re sipping bubbly beverages — craft beer for Eric, sparkling wine for me. (On a side note the wine list declares a RW special –20+ bottles of wine for $40 each.) In fact, the entire menu is set up for Restaurant Week, which is a welcome treat. Many participating restaurants offer a separate prix-fixe menu in addition to their regular menu, so it’s easy to feel like a cheapskate for sticking to the RW menu, even though it’s the entire point.

Each course is more delicious than the last. And while I normally pride myself on my ordering abilities, Eric is the big winner tonight: Shaved Pumpkin Salad with asian pear and goat cheese (this part is like a parade of  goodness in my mouth), Grilled Yellowfin Tuna with fried sweetbreads, Hazelnut Dacquoise.  At some point between courses our plates are removed, incredibly, without either of us realizing.

The atmosphere is sleek without being cold, crowded without being overwhelming. Weirdly, the restroom is unisex, but beautiful (can you say that about a bathroom?) and novel.

During RW, a three course meal is $35, and as mentioned there are several $40 bottles of wine. With our bill topping out at slightly over $100 pre-tip, we leave The Bar Room at The Modern filled with fabulous food and feeling like utterly saavy New Yorkers. A veritable bargain.


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