A Weekday Outing: Lady Who Lunches Edition

I have a friend who uses the acronym FOMO — fear of missing out — to describe why he hates turning down any invitation. I suffer from FOMO while sitting at my desk most days. I love New York and just know there’s a whole magical world of things that happen while I’m at work — all with fewer lines and more open tables. Friday afternoon I cut out of work early to see exactly what I’ve been missing.

I head straight for a late lunch at the normally booked Osteria Morini and snag a seat at the corner of the bar — the perfectly non-awkward choice for those dining alone. I love the Emilia-Romagna fare, including a crisp, colorful salad with apple cider vinegar, an intensely flavorful bean and grain soup peppered with heavenly homemade croutons, and one indulgent glass of Lambrusco. I finish the meal with an order of Affogato  —  a glass of homemade vanilla gelato drowned in hot, freshly-brewed espresso while I contemplate how much better this is than my typical take-out wolfed down between emails.

After lunch, I make a bee-line for Uniqlo on Broadway to check out their newest J+ Jil Sander collection, where I scoop up this classic and exceptionally well-cut (and well-priced!) dress in black. The traditionally difficult-to-score clothing line is relatively easy to navigate when everyone else is at work. Suckers!

I conclude my outing at the Trump Soho Spa for a 90 minute Calming Sapphires Massage. (A Christmas gift from my husband!) The recently opened, Ivanka Trump designed spa is inspired by Turkish baths  — think white marble,  silvery blue tiles, fountains.  The massage itself is a bit too gentle for my taste, but the steam room, sauna, calming tea service and overall vibe are enough to put me in an incredibly relaxed state — especially since I’m the lone person partaking in these facilities.  (Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the ladies lounge has heated toilet seats. Nice touch.)

I can honestly say I love my job, but it’s amazingly rejuvenating to enjoy the city on a weekday (i.e., impersonate a non-employed rich person.) I’m already planning my next workday afternoon on the town!


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